Meet our Board and Artistic Director. They’re the great group of people that keep the cogs turning in this machine. If you have any questions or would like to get in contact, please email any member of the board.

Howard Shapiro

Originally from Bronx, N.Y, I moved to California to finish college and lived in Burbank over three decades. After moving to Las Vegas in 2005 I became involved in community theatre and performed in Best Little Whorehouse In Texas and Exit The Body, as well as an Indie film, I. M. Caravaggio. Becoming involved with The Speeding Theatre was a natural evolution for me and I see our outreach program and shows as a way to involve the community and show them that over 55 isn’t an ending for a baby boomer, it is a new experience. We are looking forward to growth within our ranks as well as our name becoming well known in the community at large.

Marian Michaels
Vice President

I have been a proud member of SAG-AFTRA for many years. You can see me in my latest work in the web series, “Sistah Did What?”. You may also watch the web series on YouTube.I moved to Las Vegas in the summer of 2012 and am so happy that I have found a home with the Speeding Theatre-Over 55. I enjoy sharing my talent with the community through our outreach, plays, fundraisers and other programs we’re involved in. My hope for the future is that we continue to grow as a professional theater group that Seniors can be proud of and to reach a greater audience proving that senior theatre can be viable and exciting as well.

Louise Rauckhorst

After a lengthy career as a registered nurse and university educator, I have enjoyed getting back into the fun of performing that I enjoyed so much in high school. Soon after moving to the Las Vegas area in 2003, I had the privilege of participating in the UNLV Senior Adult Theatre Program, along with my husband, until the program was discontinued. We have both been happily involved with The Speeding Theatre—Over 55 (TST>55) since its inception in 2011. My vision for TST>55 is that it will:

  1. Continue to attract talented seniors (actors, singers, dancers, magicians—performers of all kinds—as well as individuals willing and able to handle all the technical and backstage aspects of mounting theatrical productions
  2. Become an ever more vibrant, creative force in community theatre in the Las Vegas Valley
  3. Above all, that we continue to have great fun sharing our talents whatever they may be.

I was bitten by the acting bug when I was in the 8th grade. I was in drama all thru high school and for 2 years was the President of our thespian class.  We won many competitions.  I am a past President and Treasurer of the Health Underwriters Association in Ventura California.  While living in California I was able to work as an “Extra” on some major TV shows.  It was a fun experience and I will always remember that time fondly.  It gave me a new respect for people in show business.

I have been involved with Speeding Theatre for the past 3 years, when my youngest grandaughter went to school full time and freed up my mornings. One of the best things I did for myself was to join Speeding Theatre. I have met some wonderful, talented people and have had so much fun interacting with them and doing outreach shows. Our workshops are always a fun non judgemental learning adventure. Doing the Fringe Festival 2 years ago was a challenging and exciting wonderful experience.

Bob Lindemenn
Member At Large

After retiring from 30 years of programming, Bob needed an outlet for his creative tinkering and interest in music. After his wife Debi joined the Speeding Theatre, he noticed a need for someone to take the role of technical support. Bob took over that job and has been enjoying producing music and running the sound system for the group ever since.

Paul Malluk
Artistic Director

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Malluk relocated to Las Vegas from Moab, UT, where he served as the Artistic Director of the ACME Theatre Co. and a Theatre Arts Consultant for the Utah State Arts Council in Salt Lake City. He served on the Board of the Directors of the Moab Arts Council, the Moab Repertory Theatre;  and Chair of Public Radio station, KZMU, where he was a Disc Jockey known as “The Big Baboo” of The Big Baboo’s Rock ‘N Roll Nostalgia Show. In Las Vegas, Mr. Malluk was the Theatre Director and Instructor at Desert Oasis High School and has taught for the Screen Actors Guild Conservatory.

An actor with over 300 productions under his belt, Mr. Malluk has worked doing theatre in New York as well as all over the country. He was a founding member and the workshop co-coordinator for The New York Repertory Company. Television audiences will remember him in guest appearances in the NBC series Law and Order and Chicago Story. His vast performing experience extends beyond the realm of acting to stand-up comedy, improvisation, as well as 50’s Rock ‘n Roll.

Among his many professional credits, Mr. Malluk is also an author of short stories and poetry, a produced playwright in several venues around the country, and a director of theatre, cabaret acts, club acts and comics. Mr. Malluk has a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Rollins College and a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from Penn State University.